EDOX publications update

We have been busy publishing some of the fruits of our EDOX research.  Here are a few of our print publications: online editions and further films coming soon….


drama early modern england

Drama and Pedagogy in Medieval and Early Modern England, Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature vol. 31 ed. Elisabeth Dutton and James McBain (Tübingen: Narr, 2015).  This volume draws on the conference of the same name hosted at the University of Fribourg, and includes an essay by our own Stephanie Allen: Ulysses Redux (1591) and Nero (1601): tragedia nova. 131-58.


Elisabeth Dutton, Maria Sachiko Cecire and James McBain, ‘Staging and Filming John Bale’s Three Laws’, in Shakespeare Bulletin 32.1 (2014) 65-84


Stephanie Allen, Elisabeth Dutton and James McBain, ‘Rehabilitating Academic Drama’, in The Routledge Companion to Early Drama and Performance, ed. Pamela King (London and New York: Routledge, 2016) 221-36

jacket, The Routledge Research Companion to Early Drama and Performance

 Elisabeth Dutton and Stephanie Allen, ‘Seeing and Recognizing in the Sacred and New: The Latin Scriptural Plays of Nicholas Grimald’, in Staging Scripture: Biblical Drama 1350-1600, ed. Peter Happé and Wim Hüsken (Leiden: Brill, 2016) 204-34


Elisabeth Dutton and James McBain, ‘Fart for Fart’s Sake: Fooling through the Body in Grobiana’s NuptialsTheta XII, Théâtre Tudor (2016) 149-70.



Elisabeth Dutton, ‘ “My boy shall knowe himself from other men”: active spectating, annunciation and the St John’s College Narcissus’, Medieval English Theatre 36 (2017) 68-83.


James McBain, ‘ “Attentive Mindes and Serious Wits’: Legal Training and Early Drama’, in The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature,1500-1700, ed. Lorna Hutson (Oxford: OUP, 2017)