This Week in 1566

From this week, in 1566, we bring you news of a “totering…tipling” President!

Episcopal Visitation to Corpus Christi College

(17 October) (Charges of Jerome Reynolds, fellow, against Thomas Greenway, president)

…Item he hath in progress as I have hard minstrells and women to the

infamy of our Colledge & diminution of our goodes. Item he resorteth to

bullbeytinges and bearebeytinges in London and commenndeth his man to

put yt on another score. Item in Christmas last past he cumming drunck from

the Towne sat in the hall amongst Schollers untill j of the Clocke totering

with his Legges, tipling with his mouth, and hering bawdy songes with his

eares as, my Lady hath a prety thinge, and suche like, In thende drawinge to

bed cold not be perswaded that yt was yet ix of the clock where indeade yt was

past ij / And in like sorte at Candlemas last he was notoriously drunck…

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